Some questions from a newcomer

Daniel Mouritsen daniel.mouritsen at
Sat Mar 10 14:53:05 UTC 2007


I'm playing around with using freebsd for my home server (which used to use
linux), and I have a quick question regarding the distributions you can
select with sysinstall during the install phase.

I've chosen developer(since i wish to use the ports packages, i figured
selecting developer might be a good idea to get gcc and such), user and

Just out of  curiosity, is does one cancel out the other? i mean, is it
really necessary to pick user and minimal if i choose developer? I mean,
wont everything in "minimal" be included in "developer"?

The reason im asking is, all this server is gonna be running is apache, pf
and ntpd to handle the clock. I pretty much want to close down everything
else and make as minimal a system as possible. Any suggestions about the
layout of this machine? Is developer "overkill"?

Also, i was wondering, i tried playing around with portsnap, but dear lord
it was slow :D I tried googling for European mirrors close to me, but i
haven't had much success, any help with finding a faster portsnap server
would be much appreciated

Best regards,
Daniel Kirkegaard Mouritsen

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