Migrating from x86 (32) to amd64

Artem Kuchin matrix at itlegion.ru
Fri Mar 9 19:16:45 UTC 2007

>>>>Is there way to more or less sefely  migrade to AMD64 arhitecture via
>>>>csup and
>>>>source build?
>>Damn it. Then i guess i need to do some experimenting myself.
>>Theoretically, what would be the procedure?
>1) Backup system.
>2) Download amd64 install ISO and burn to CD
>3) Boot from CD
>4) Follow instructions for fresh install
>5) Restore/merge configuration from backups.
>If you have a spare amd64 system and most of the content is static,
>you could reduce downtime by doing steps 4 thru 5 on the second system
>and either swapping the disk(s) or the entire system.

no, that's no what i ment. I mean the procedure to source build/install
amd64 on x86 and make it work. Just theoretically,


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