USB problem - how to disable an umass device?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Mar 7 14:35:12 UTC 2007

Oliver Fromme wrote:

> Of course, a better way to solve the problem would be to
> find out _why_ it is hanging in the first place.  :-)
> The first step would be to enter the kernel debugger and
> take a stack trace, in order to find out where it is stuck.
> It might be a good idea to take this issue to the freebsd-
> usb mailing list.

Actually, it resolved to be a very large timeout, on the order of 5
minutes per step, before something gives up and the boot process continues.

>  > I tried using loader hint hint.usb.2.disabled="1" but it doesn't work.
> Unfortunately, hints cannot be used to disable devices in
> general (which would be a desirable feature).  That only
> works for legacy devices (i.e. ISA) and some others.

I'd argue that this is actually a bad thing - I'm sure there are
situations where it would be useful to disable (almost) arbitrary nodes
in the device tree, even down to specific pci busses.

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