PATA support is broken on Intel DG9655S ?

Zahemszky Gábor Gabor at Zahemszky.HU
Sat Jun 30 21:16:11 UTC 2007


I'd like to know, is it possible to use FreeBSD on on Intel DG9655SS
motherboard with PATA devices. It has 1 PATA and 2 SATA ports,
but the 6-stable kernel doesn't see any devices on PATA. It
doesn't see neither my disk, nor my DVD-writer. I tried with normal
mode, with legacy mode, doesn't matter. The kernel boots, and after it
don't now any disks.
Is that controller works in Current? Will it work in 6-stable in the
near future?


Bye, Gábor < Gabor at Zahemszky dot HU >

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