DDoS in FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE And Problen With The Clock

Alfred Perlstein alfred at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 12 03:28:24 UTC 2007

* Mike Tancsa <mike at sentex.net> [070611 13:58] wrote:
> At 04:54 PM 6/11/2007, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> this unfortunate event by reordering instructions if needed, but if
> >you wrote your own assembly, you could in fact do a hardware DDoS if
> >you weren't careful.  :-)
> Hi,
>         I thought DDoS = _Distributed_ Denial of Service where 
> multiple attacking devices gang up to attack a host.  Is your example 
> not just a plain old Denial of Service (DoS) ?

Well it takes 3 execution pipelines...

- Alfred Perlstein

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