cvsup error

Wesley Shields wxs at
Wed Jun 6 17:38:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 10:20:11AM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
> Wesley Shields wrote:
> > The difference is that csup is written in C and included in the base.
> > The only lacking feature in csup is that it doesn't work in checkout
> > mode, which shouldn't be a problem for your average use.
> You have it backwards. csup _only_ works in checkout mode, what it
> can't do is mirror a repository. This is fine for the average FreeBSD
> user however, since checking out the current version of the src or
> ports tree is what the vast majority do anyway.

You're right, my apologies.  Not working in checkout mode defeats the
purpose for the vast majority of the people using it.  I guess I just
wasn't thinking straight.

> > I may be wrong about checkout mode, but that was a caveat when it went
> > into the tree IIRC.  If that is no longer the case I apologize for the
> > misinformation.
> If you are going to offer advice on the lists, please take the time to
> verify that what you're saying is correct. Otherwise it's just a waste
> of time for all concerned.
> I'm picking on your post here a little because it's a good example of
> a disturbing trend, please don't take it personally.

Don't worry, I'm not taking it personally.  It just goes to show that I
should think twice and double check things before sending anything.  :)

Thank you for the clarification.

-- WXS

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