removing external usb hdd without unmounting causes reboot?

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Thu Jul 19 14:43:18 UTC 2007

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: Josh Paetzel wrote:
: > On Wednesday 18 July 2007, Momchil Ivanov wrote:
: >> Hi,
: >>
: >> I am running FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #11: Sat Jul 14 16:27:12 CEST 2007
: >> and accidently unplugged the USB hub to which my external hdd
: >> together with a mouse were connected and this caused my machine to
: >> freeze for some seconds and then reboot. At that moment the hdd was
: >> mounted and I was playing music out of it.
: >> After that I tried to reproduce it :) so just plugged only the hdd
: >> directly, mounted it and started playing music files from it. When
: >> I unplugged the USB cable the same thing happened: short freeze,
: >> and then reboot. Is this expected behaviour? And is there some way
: >> to avoid the freeze and reboot?
: >>
: >> Thanks.
: > 
: > Yes, it's expected behavior.  The workaround is to not unplug mounted 
: > devices. (There's nothing special about USB here, if you unplugged an 
: > IDE drive you'd get the same behavior)
: > 
: Wouldn't it make some sense not to panic if mounted devices that are in sync
: get removed? A few applications might get in trouble, but that's hardly a
: reason to bring a whole system down.

This is this week's winner in the Zen Master of the Obvious award.

Yes.  It is a known problem that should be fixed.


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