removing external usb hdd without unmounting causes reboot?

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Thu Jul 19 10:19:40 UTC 2007

Andriy Gapon wrote:
> Well, barriers usually stop something :-)

Heh :)

> There are some comments in Russian, maybe someone will find time to
> translate, maybe even me...

It could come in handy.

>> FreeBSD VFS comitters are rare, ones that understand Russian are 
>> probably almost non-existent :)
> There's always a chance.


>> Also it would be nice if the patch was a unified diff rather than 
>> x-patch as that makes it much easier to review.
> Patches _are_ unified diffs. The fact that some not-so-smart software
> decided that "text/x-patch" is "a non-text attachment" is indeed
> inconvenient.

Oops, I am in Windows land at the moment and it mangled them :(

The .bin extension is somewhat confusing as well..

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