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Tue Jul 17 21:47:14 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 02:39:10PM -0700, RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN wrote:
> Hello i am trying to grow an existing partition which has become full. The system was originally install in a 80gig drive but has since been moved to a 300g drive. However Freebsd is still only showing 80g of space please help. 

This is probably rather more appropriate for -questions than -stable,
but since you're here, and it's not wildly off-topic....

I'd guess that you have a file system occupying an 80 GB partition of a
300 GB disk drive.

In order for many (most?) of us to help, a few more clues would be
helpful, in particular as to how the 80 GB partition was "moved" to the
300 GB disk.

The way I'd have recommended would involve allocating the new space for
the file system on the 300 GB drive, then using a

	dump 0f - | restore -rf -

pipeline to copy the data from the old file system to the new, and
finally, getting the cabling and/or jumpering correct for the new drive
(and possibly adjusting /etc/fstab to suit).

I've done this, and it works.

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