Read_dma timeout - FreeBSD 6-1 at
Fri Jan 19 04:29:06 UTC 2007


I've got some troubles with sata disks (Maxtor DiamondMax 10 160go) : 
this is the second one I use in less than 1 month.

With the first one, I got more and more ofently TIMEOUT - READ_DMA 
errors ... so I changed it last week (I thought the disk was broken) ! 
And now, 10 days after installing the _new_ one, I re-get the sames 
errors. They appear randomly ...

No log, no debug messages, just TIMEOUT - READ_DMA in dmesg

Is there some tools on FreeBSD to test the SATA controler or the disks ? 
  Some known bugs in drivers ?
Does anyone get the same problem ?

PS : when error occurs, the disk make a "click" !?!?

Ivan Kurzweg
Web :

BOFH excuse #14: sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft 

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