kernel panic on 6.2-RC2 with GENERIC.

Barry Pederson bp at
Thu Jan 18 17:56:37 UTC 2007

>>>>> On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 06:59:10PM +0200, Nikolay Pavlov wrote:
>>>>> [ Areca kernel panic, IO failures ... ]
>>> I have seen this identical fault with the new areca driver, my machine
>>> is opteron hardware, but running a regular i386/SMP kernel/world. With
>>> everything at 6.2RC2 (as of 29th of December) except the areca driver
>>> the machine is rock solid, with the 29th of december version of the
>>> areca driver the box will crash on extract of a large tar file, removal
>>> of a large directory structure, or pretty much anything that does a lot
>>> of disk io to different files/locations. There is no error log prior to
>>> seeing the following messages..
>>> Dec 29 14:26:44 aleph kernel: 
>>> g_vfs_done():da0s1g[WRITE(offset=433078272, length=8192)]error = 5
>>> Dec 29 14:26:44 aleph kernel: 
>>> g_vfs_done():da0s1g[WRITE(offset=433111040, length=16384)]error = 5
>>> Dec 29 14:26:44 aleph kernel: 
>>> ...
>>> There are a string of these, followed by a crash and reboot. 

I can report a "metoo" on this problem (lots of g_vfs_done errors followed by a 
reboot), with 6.2-RELEASE, opteron CPUs running an i386/SMP kernel

Controller Name 	ARC-1160
Firmware Version 	V1.39 2006-1-4
BOOT ROM Version 	V1.39 2006-1-4

All the volumesets are RAID 6

I was doing a buildworld, rsyncing a big tree from another machine, and a 
portsnap extract simultaneously (all as a stress test).  The firmware isn't the 
latest - hadn't upgraded it yet because it seemed to be working fine.


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