saving power in a Dell Poweredge 750.

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Jan 11 09:12:29 UTC 2007

George Hartzell wrote:
 > I'm setting up a Dell Poweredge 750 1U server.  A friend is loaning me
 > space in his rack and since his rack usage is limited by power I'd
 > like to be as thrifty as possible.
 > I hooked my kill-a-watt meter up and ran the machine for a couple of
 > days and it uses 88 watts (3.90KWH/44.01H).
 > Then I kldloaded cpufreq and enabled powerd and it still uses 88 watts
 > (8.35KWH/93.47H).

Did you verify that powerd actually reduced the CPU
frequency?  What's the output from "sysctl dev.cpu.0"?

It might be enlightening to watch the following shell
loop for a while:
while :; do sysctl dev.cpu.0.freq; sleep 1; done

By the way, do you have an SMP system, or are you running
a kernel without SMP?  "sysctl machdep.cpu_idle_hlt"?

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