win32-codecs question ...

David Syphers dsyphers at
Fri Jan 5 05:28:21 UTC 2007

On Thursday 04 January 2007 13:39, Freddie Cash wrote:
> If a port supports the OPTION framework, then the first time you run make
> This is all nicely documented in the ports(7) man page.

Where I wouldn't think to look unless I knew something had changed, or 
something failed to build with a "look at ports(7)" error.

> And there were a bunch of head's ups on the -ports mailing list

Which I don't read... I don't think I was subscribed to this even back when I 
read -current, -cvs-all, -hackers, -ipfw, -mobile, -questions, -security, 
and -stable.

> I believe there's also a blurb about this in the handbook.

I haven't read the handbook on ports since the 1990's. I'm just a poster child 
for all that the doc people hate, aren't I?  :)

> And a mention of it in /usr/ports/UPDATING 
> and/or /usr/ports/CHANGES.

Now, this I read. And no, it's not documented there. The only mentions in 
UPDATING are under postfix entries, and I don't use postfix. The entries in 
CHANGES wouldn't catch your eye unless you knew what you were looking for - 
everything assumes prior knowledge of what OPTIONS is and what it implies.

Nonetheless, I am now enlightened. And I feel like an old fogey even though 
I'm not even 30  :)


Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.

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