kern/107439: 6.2-PRE repeatable panic: userret: Returning with 1 locks held

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Wed Jan 3 13:45:20 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 10:20:11PM +0100, Remko Lodder wrote:

> It is generally known that the NTFS code is not for
> general read/write access;
> From the manual page:
>      There is limited writing ability.  Limitations: file must be 
> nonresident
>      and must not contain any sparces (uninitialized areas); compressed 
> files
>      are also not supported.  The file name must not contain multibyte 
> charac-
>      ters.
> I think you are hitting this issue..

Hmm, I've just tried to move file from one fs to another,
for NTFS this basically means unlink attempt, isn't it?
The manual does not say that unlinking's not supported.


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