FreeBSD 7 on old SMP server?

Joshua Coombs jcoombs at
Sat Dec 22 11:34:18 PST 2007

Dominic Fandrey wrote:

> Why don't you just do the buildworld on another machine?

As I don't use the machine as a primary workstation at the moment, it 
doesn't really matter to me if it takes 1 hour or 3 months, I start the 
buildworld in a screen'd shell and check on it periodically.  When it 
finishes, I set aside 10 to 20 minutes to do an installworld/kernel & 
mergemaster via serial console, 'just in case.'  The closest it gets to 
annoying is when I start a buildworld based on a new security fix, and 3 
days in the fix is revised. : )

And Oliver, you were correct, omitting -pipe didn't allow a buildworld 
to finish with 448MB ram + swap.  Guess I get to repartition after all. 
  My new plan is going to be sourcing a Gigabyte I-RAM, putting 4GB on 
it, and wiring up an external power supply for it.  That plus an SATA to 
IDE adapter from NewEgg should let me run the I-RAM on my empty ATA 
controller, giving me 4GB of swap running as fast as the machine can 
take it.  Depending on how it behaves, I may track down a 2MB ISA VGA 
card again and throw KDE4 on it just to be truly insane.  They say it's 
much better about memory utilization now... :P

Joshua Coombs

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