reduce verboseness for certain scsi error

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Dec 21 05:17:14 PST 2007

I would like to request your opinion on the following proposal:

1. introduce new scsi_sense_action_qualifier value
SSQ_PRINT_SENSE_VERBOSE, which would mean that detailed command and
response information is to be printed only if bootverbose==1;

2. introduce new define SS_FATAL_NORMAL with value of
(SS_FAIL|SSQ_PRINT_SENSE_VERBOSE), which would mean a fatal SCSI error
that can happen in "normal conditions", i.e. in the most cases the error
doesn't imply a problem with a peripheral device, media, bus,
controller, etc;

3. use the above SS_FATAL_NORMAL for at least the following conditions:
	(a)"Medium not present"
	(a)"Illegal mode for this track"
(a) seems to be a common place for empty CD-ROM drive, empty
card-reader, multi-slot card-readers with empty slots etc;
(b) seems to be produced when certain pieces of software try to analyze
media (distinguish data CD from audio CD, I think);

4. modify camperiphscsisenseerror() to honor the new flag defined above;

Rationale for this request is that kernel messages easily get spammed
with the error reports which do not really mean error conditions. Some
amount of such noise comes from the kernel-land actions, lots more can
come from user-land programs unwittingly trying to do certain things on
the devices with no media or wrong media (example: hald).

P.S. couple of links describing end-user experience (mine included):

P.P.S. I am not saying that the issue is a kernel problem and must be
resolved in kernel. It would be nice to see hald becoming a little bit
smarter too. But I think that the above change would be nice and proper
regardless of hald.

Andriy Gapon

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