Problem with 'reply' in /usr/bin/mail

Pete French petefrench at
Tue Dec 18 07:29:39 PST 2007

Just revently I have been having some problems using 'mail' - unfortunately
I dont know if it predates my upgrade to 7.0 or not, but basically the
symptom is that when doing a simple reply to mail sent from some
windows machines it only replies to the send and the last person in
the 'To' line rather than to all of them.

Extremely annoying - but I am nto sure if mail has chnaged or if the
Microsoft users have changed their systems to addresse are slightly

Anyway, the email lines look like this:

#From: "Jane Drakesmith" <JaneDrakesmith at>
#To: "Emma Farmer" <EmmaFarmer at>,"Robin Allen" <robinallen at>,"Adam Stott Everett" <AdamStottEverett at>,"Phil Wright" <PhilWright at>,"Jason McLaughlin" <jasonmclaughlin at>,"Pete French" <petefrench at>,"Michelle Hurst" <micheleh at>,"Jon Dalladay" <JonD at>,"Jac Evans" <Jac at>
#Subject: RE: Christmas opening times

If I hit 'r' then I get:

#To: Jac at JaneDrakesmith at
#Subject: RE: Christmas opening times

All the previous people in the 'To:' line are missed out. Does anyone else
see this ? I am sure it didn't used to behave this way....


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