G965 patch for 6.3-Beta

Hiroshi Nishida nishida at asusa.net
Tue Dec 11 09:32:08 PST 2007


Can you post your xorg.conf?
Mine is at http://diary.jp.aol.com/fud9ay8dyeh/64.html.
(It's my blog...)

And also /var/log/Xorg.0.log will have some clues.

And,,, you may not need to kldload i915.ko because it seems to be loaded 
automatically by agp.

Hiroyuki Une wrote:

> Unfortunately, your patch didn't work correctly.
> I obtained source of RELENG_6 by csup at 11 Dec 2007 22:25:56 JST(+0900),
> applied your patch, and buildworld/buildkernel.
> This kernel got the information about onboard VGA chip,
> however, made X server frozen.
> Furthermore, my box(Intel Core 2 Duo + Intel DQ965GF)
> made no response from terminal/network,
> and no core/kernel dumps are obtained.
> I attached result of dmesg(8) and loading i915.ko by kldload(8).
> What can I do to solve this problem?
> Thank you.

Hiroshi Nishida
nishida at asusa.net

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