_umtx_op -1 errno 60 Operation timed out using 7.0-BETA4

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sat Dec 8 22:14:56 PST 2007

Imri Zvik wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried using libthr with bind 9.3, but after a while, bind stops
> working (that is, responding to queries - the process is still alive)
> and I can see the following with ktrace:
> 1667 named    CALL  _umtx_op(0x81a6304,0x2,0x17,0,0xbf5fae20)
> 1667 named    RET   _umtx_op -1 errno 60 Operation timed out
> With libpthread everything works fine... 
> It happened with 6.3-STABLE too.
> Any ideas where to look next?

How heavily loaded is your name server? If the answer is "very," you
will almost certainly be better off using FreeBSD 7 and BIND 9.4.x.
If that's not a possibility, and you really want to run BIND threaded
on FreeBSD 6 you should use the bind94 port.

The problem is that threading in BIND 9.3.x doesn't work, and is not
recommended. The good news is that threaded performance is greatly
improved in FreeBSD 7 and BIND 9.4.x. I recently MFC'ed the BIND 9.4.2
update to RELENG_7, so the next snapshot should have it, or you can
install the latest snapshot and upgrade.




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