*Suspect* Re: SOLVED: qemu: freebsd6_mmap -1 errno 12 Cannot allocate memory

Eugene Grosbein eugen at kuzbass.ru
Sat Dec 8 12:01:26 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 08, 2007 at 07:41:04PM +0000, ????????? Bill Hacker wrote:

> The ability to build from source and have access to source, is prized among 
> the experienced not so much because we fear hidden 'gotcha's from the 
> malicious or even proprietary vendor lock-in - but more for the ability to 
> *see* what breaks, rapidly locate and apply already-known fixes, or ask for 
> expert assistance when new ones are needed.

Exactly. Both reasons are what we love open source for.

> And in less time and lower cost than it takes the average bear to 
> acknowledge, find, and fix closed-source. Witness IBM, Sun, HP, Apple et al 
> adoption of a large measure of F/OSS. They can no longer afford to do 
> otherwise.


> All that precisely because taking even limited advantage of progress makes 
> the delivery of binary backwards compatibility - much as we may want it and 
> strive for it - contrary to progress, and an impracticality in the real 
> world.

I use FreeBSD quite a bit of time - since 2.2.5-RELEASE
(when there was no /etc/rc.conf but /etc/sysconfig :-)
My experience shows me that rebuilding what is not broken - that is what
impractical. Binary compatibility in no way contraries the progress,
it's always was and always will be Good Thing. We have to learn
how to keep it even from Windows world.

> Deal with that as best you can. ELSE revert to the last century and run 
> Windows.

Thank you for suggestion. I run dual-boot FreeBSD/Windows system
as my desktop for many years.

Eugene Grosbein

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