PAE does not give any ram increase, why?

Martin Nilsson martin at
Sun Apr 22 09:33:08 UTC 2007

Artem Kuchin wrote:
>>> the number do not change with or without PAE
> No need, i know this stuff. 

Hmmm :-)

> Problem is that asus p5p800-vm bios does not have such option 
 > (no memory remapping support in chipset)
> , so, and simply assumed that  in PAE mode this simply
> does not matter and it will give me whole 4GB. Isn't it so?
> Is it true for 64bit mode (amd64)?

That is a desktop board with an old desktop chipset, it will not remap 
anything over 4GB even if you are running 64-bit mode. It does most 
certainly not support PAE mode.

Be happy that it is just 256MB memory that you can't use, it is not 
uncommon to loose up to 750MB!

Best Regards,

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