Changing Console Resolution - Vidcontrol

Michael Schuh michael.schuh at
Fri Apr 6 01:42:49 UTC 2007

Hi Kevin,

yes you are right my systems also loses lines,
i believe that the mechanics in vidcontrol or in the kernels syscons
device are the sources of this behaviour
...because through the init ( blanks screen and set mode )......

About the buffer at this time I am not really sure, but in the kernel's
NOTES files it
is setted per default to 200. I think you are right with the scrollback
buffer that
was the thing that i mean.

you could have a "slideshow" or "teleporting" effect on some slow graphic
or on cards that not fully supports vesa while you scrolling through the
because if you use the vesa driver the output could be slower while having
more overhead.. also the postings in the stable-list ( I think from oliver

hmmm, if this behavior (losing lines) could not turned out by options
or configuring the mode directly after loading the vesa module,
I think it is a bug and we should enter it to the GNATS bugtracker....

but first we call help in the list :-)

Could anyone, that is deeper in the woods, shed us some light
on this behavior and eventually a possible solution?



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