glx and dri stopped working on 6.2-PRERELEASE

Holger Kipp hk at
Sat Sep 23 11:35:12 PDT 2006


I upgraded my FreeBSD from 6.1-RELEASE-p6
on my HP Compaq nx8220 to 6.2-PRERELEASE
as of two days ago.

With 6.1-RELEASE-p6 and xorg from 6.1-RELEASE
installed, I just activated glx and dri in xorg.conf
which worked without bigger problems, but after
upgrading to 6.2-PRERELEASE the screen goes
black if starting X (with KDE) and I have
to powercylce my laptop. Currently glx and dri
are deactivated (no problems then).

Anything stupid I missed like additional
libraries I need to recompile?
Upgrade was the usual make update, make
buildworld, make buildkernel, install kernel,
install world, mergemaster, reboot (yes, I know...)

System is pretty vanilla without tweaking
or anything, except for the usual suspects
being installed (xine, mplayer, OpenOffice
with Java, iwi for WLAN-Support) and the
two resp. three needed modules for iwi 
are loaded using loader.conf.


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