Attention Julian Stacey

Jase Thew bazerka at
Sun Sep 17 12:19:54 PDT 2006

Julian H. Stacey wrote:

>> Julian, meet Kris.  Kris has been the head of the FreeBSD ports team for
> Long enough without peer review.   Leaders don't post flame bait.
>   ----- Below _Not_ personal criticism of any individual.  -----
> Ideas of Automatic peer review, rotations etc are used by clubs,
> companies, & governments. I'm not aware if FreeBSD has adopted them yet.
>   - Reviews detects burn out, raised frequency of agression & attitudes etc.
>     Sabaticals, holidays etc are good for volunteers too, not just employees.
>   - Core are now elected by commiters, but when I suggested elections
>     way back, it was flamed on high, so peer review could happen too.
>   - 7 day suspensions for flamers could also help, unless they apologise 
>     within eg 48 hours to list (not necessarily recipient) for abuse of list.
> The problem's not even really list abuse, but that tolerating
> spurious alienating agression (by list or private mail) over years
> from a tiny minority will have reduced code etc received in consequence
> from numerous others deterred.  We have no employing boss to knocks
> heads, just the opposite, a few whose periodic implicit challenge
> is: "Tolerate my periodic agression or I'll take my toys & leave."
> Perhaps most wouldn't leave.  If they did, we'd still survive,
> FreeBSD even survived when John (swap) Dyson very unfortunately got
> deterred & left, probably no threatened skill loss would be harder
> to replace.

No disrespect intended, but I think you need to obtain a sense of humour.


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