When will the new BCE driver in HEAD be incorporated into RELENG_6?

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Thu Oct 26 03:32:51 UTC 2006

Josh Paetzel wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 October 2006 19:24, Scott Long wrote:
>> Sam Baskinger wrote:
>>> Bill Moran wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>>>> The driver from HEAD (if_bce.c 1.17) is looking much better -
>>>>> thanks Scott!
>>>>> We couldn't trigger this bug using UDP NFS mounts.
>>>>> Neither could we trigger it with multiple simultaneous TCP
>>>>> connections.
>>>> I'm seeing similar improvement.  I've been testing the new
>>>> version since I came in this morning (About 2.5 hours so far),
>>>> with no failures.
>>> [snip]
>>> Adding to the excitement, our band of attack squirrels haven't
>>> been able to bring down our 2950 yet with this one. We are using
>>> the if_bce.c from the HEAD w/ a small chunk about vlans commented
>>> out (for any wondering).
>>> We're trying outbound UDP_STREAM tests w/ netperf of big and
>>> small payloads to a machine on the same 100Mb switch. Nothing
>>> fancy, but what we could once crash in seconds now hangs tough
>>> till the end of the test.
>>> Sam
>> Excellent.  RELENG_6 was updated with the changes a few days ago.
>> Scott
> I tried putting 6.1-R on a PE1950 some time ago and the bce NIC 
> wouldn't work at all.  The driver version striing was 0.9.5.  I found 
> a newer version 0.9.6 on the web and that has been working just fine 
> for me under pretty heavy loads.  Is this new driver you're talking 
> about different than the newer version I found on the web?

I believe so, but I haven't checked the Broadcom site recently.


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