VIA C7 support

Matthieu Michaud matthieu.michaud at
Fri Oct 20 21:05:52 UTC 2006

Oliver Fromme a écrit :
> Matthieu Michaud wrote:
>  > I rent a small server based on a VIA C7 on which I installed a
>  > 6.2-PRERELEASE as of today (see dmesg and kernconf attached). It runs
>  > fairly well but I wonder if it couldn't be faster.
>  > 
>  > According to padlock(4) man page, crypto hardware support is available
>  > by adding padlock, crypto and cryptodev kernel options. I compiled it as
>  > modules. I haven't noticed difference between 'openssl speed' and
>  > 'openssl speed -engine padlock'. I attached results.
> I don't know if the openssl command really uses the padlock
> engine.  I doubt it.
> But with scp the throughput doubles when padlock is enabled
> on my C3 Nehemiah.  So it clearly helps scp.  (FAST_IPSEC
> also benefits from it, but I don't use IPSEC so I don't
> have numbers.)

some basic scp over large file showed it :)

>  > Finally, I tried to read 16M from /dev/random and /dev/urandom to look
>  > at RNG support. It reads at 2M/s on both device. Comparing to a P4 1.7G
>  > and P4 2.8G, it's few : they both performs around 14M/s on almost as
>  > recent kernel.
> There's a difference in quality:  I doubt that those 16MB
> that you got in about one second on the P4 were really
> as random as the 2 MB that you got on the C7.
> Also take into account that you usually don't read that
> much data from /dev/random.  Quality is much more important
> than speed.

you are right. do you know an easy way to evaluate this quality ?

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