In place upgrades (was Re: FreeBSD 4.x EoL)

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Oct 18 00:50:45 UTC 2006


Nice job with this, I'm sure that many people will find it very 
helpful. I would like to offer a few suggestions if I may.

Michael W. Oliver wrote:
> Colin,
> Thanks for the verbose and reasoned explanation.  Since the email last
> week, I have taken the opportunity to upgrade two machines, one here and
> one remote (both with serial console) from 4.9->5.5->6.2PRE, and while I
> can't say that I did it blindfolded, it wasn't too painful. 

That's great news! :)

> The upgrade instructions at...
> ...were as close to perfect as could be (and for those who might ask me
> for a step-by-step howto, look to the above URL).  A few things that I
> should mention to others trying this are...
> 0. Backup, and then check your backups!

Amen brother, especially to the bit about checking the backups before 
committing yourself.

> 1. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in single-user mode, especially
> for the 4->5 step, because there is a LOT for mergemaster to do.  The
> step from 5->6 is not nearly as painful. 

One technique that I have used successfully in the past is to get an 
up to date src tree, run mergemaster -v up to the point where it has 
built the temproot and says "The following files ...", then ^C out of 
that and run the following:

diff -ur /var/tmp/temproot/etc /etc > etc.diff

That way you will know what you've changed and rather than have to 
suffer through running mergemaster you can just blow away /etc, 
install the new one using 'mergemaster -i', and then apply the bits of 
your diff that are still relevant.

> 3. Be prepared to spend a lot of time (depending on the speed of your
> machines) rebuilding all of your ports.  Don't skimp on this step.

One small clarification, it's not necessary to do this after 
installing RELENG_5, only after you've arrived at R6. In addition to 
the excellent suggestion that Kris offered of using portupgrade, I 
would also like to suggest that you give portmaster a try. 
Particularly, _before_ upgrading you can install portmaster and run 
'portmaster -l > installed-ports-list'. Then when you're ready to 
start over, you can install each of the ports on the root and leaf 
lists and portmaster will sort out the dependencies for you.




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