Expensive timeout?

User Freebsd freebsd at hub.org
Thu Jun 29 02:23:32 UTC 2006

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Jonathan Noack wrote:

> Please don't top-post...
> User Freebsd wrote:
>> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, User Freebsd wrote:
>>> Just got this on the console of one of hte servers that has been causing 
>>> problems ...
>>> Expensive timeout(9) function: 0xc0520e18(0xc8b223a0) 0.296959250 s
>>> not a very informative error, and that is all that was there, nothing 
>>> before, nothing after ...
>> Oh, wait, does this have something to do with the Deadlock options I just 
>> added to the kernel?
> Yes, if you look in /sys/kern/kern_timeout.c you'll note that the "Expensive 
> timeout(9) function" printf is inside an "#ifdef DIAGNOSTIC".

'k, but is this something that I should be concerned about, or just 

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