[OT] Thanks

M.Hirsch M.Hirsch at hirsch.it
Tue Jun 27 10:23:23 UTC 2006

Just wanted to say thank you for clearing up my confusion about ECC.

And also, I want to excuse for being a bit harsh in some posts.
(I am a rather cynic person, this helps me against not going crazy over 
all this stuff.)
Last night, after hours of working on the very same problem without any 
success at all, I was at the end of my powers.
Sorry, I'll try to keep back from posting in such situations in the future.

So it seems like I can not track down ram problems in software.
Thanks very much, besides my lack of understanding ECC, I wasn't aware 
of that either.
Lesson learned.

Since everything worked fine before, I guess something must have broke 
when I took the machine out of the shelf.
But I have decided now to go the easy way out and retire the hardware.
This old box isn't worth wasting more time on...


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