cvsup to RELENG_6 from yesterday kills my Xorg server

Ales ales.rom at
Sun Jun 25 08:48:07 UTC 2006

My notebook runs 6.1-STABLE from 23.May 2006 with xorg 6.9.0 just OK.

Yesterday I cvsuped my notebook to RELENG_6. After standard buildproces 
(I do that aprox. once a  month on a few boxes) I have problems with 
xorg (6.9.0 from ports) server. I use KDE desktop wit kdm win manager. 
After booting, xserver starts OK and I have kdm login prompt. When I try 
to login, screen  become black and nothing can be done except reboot 
with Ctl-Alt-Del. I even can't kill xserver.

Xorg driver is "savage" on "Twister KN133" card.

The funny thing is that booting old kernel from 23. May can' help also 
anymore. But before cvsup-ing and rebuilding everything was fine. I'm 
lost here. At the end  I must say that I did NOT touch X server at all.
What happened with sources last month that can affect xorg server? Maybe 
it's dri related? It is the only thing I can imagine, but don't know how 
to fix it.

Thanks, Aleš

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