FreeBSD 6.x CVSUP today crashes with zero load ...

Nate Lawson nate at
Sun Jun 25 01:25:56 UTC 2006

Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>> 'k, looks like I'm going to have to back this out ... just upgraded 
>> another server to 6.x, CVSup latest -STABLE, built, installed, 
>> rebooted ... up fine ...
>> Running a single 'rsync' to copy files from another server over, it 
>> has crashed twice in a row so far ...
>> I'm enabling dumpdev right now, and will see if I can a core dump out 
>> of it, but, so far, there is nothing being reported in 
>> /var/log/messages to indicate a problem ...
>> Does anyone know of any problems with current source tree that I 
>> should avoid?  And, if so, can someone recommend a "stable date" to 
>> CVSup in and try?  This server isn't production yet, and I'm not 
>> panic'd right now to make it so (basically, I've got a couple of days 
>> if I need it) ...
> Just found this in my /var/log/messages file after the last reboot to 
> enable savecore/dumpdev:
> Jun 25 00:19:59 jupiter kernel: ACPI-0356: *** Error: Region SystemIO(1) 
> has no handler
> Jun 25 00:19:59 jupiter kernel: ACPI-1304: *** Error: Method execution 
> failed [\_SB_.LN02._STA] (Node 0xc9071920), AE_NOT_EXIST
> Jun 25 00:19:59 jupiter kernel: ACPI-0239: *** Error: Method execution 
> failed [\_SB_.LN02._STA] (Node 0xc9071920), AE_NOT_EXIST
> For those on the -acpi list, this machine is an Intel Dual-PIII 
> motherboard ...

What changes if acpi is disabled?  Are you running a custom AML?

The SystemIO thing seems troubling.  Is there an earlier message that 
explains why?  These are new messages?  Have you passed the memtest x86 CD?


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