6.1-stable hangs and LORs

Brad Waite freebsd at wcubed.net
Sun Jun 11 23:52:41 UTC 2006

Max Laier wrote:

> From pf.conf(5):
>      Due to a lock order reversal (LOR) with the socket layer, the use of the
>      group and user filter parameter in conjuction with a Giant-free netstack
>      can result in a deadlock.  If you have to use group or user you must set
>      debug.mpsafenet to ``0'' from the loader(8), for the moment.  This work-
>      around will still produce the LOR, but Giant will protect from the dead-
>      lock.

Thanks for the heads-up, Max.

I didn't think I was using 'user' or 'group' in my pf.conf, but the 
default ftp proxy entry indeed matches user ftp-proxy.  I'll try the 
mpsafenet=0 and we'll see if that fixes it.

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