, portinstall and MAKE_ARGS

Andrey Melentyev andrey.melentyev at
Sat Jun 10 17:14:18 UTC 2006

Hi all!
I've got a problem with building editors/openoffice-2.0 on my FreeBSD-6.1.
I want to control the configure process via knobs, such as WITH_CUPS, WITH_KDE 
and some others. When I try to install OOo this way:


I see right messages about make flags:

--->  Session started at: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:34:58 +0400
--->  Fresh installation of editors/ started at: Sat, 10 Jun 
2006 16:34:58 +0400
--->  Installing '' from a port 
--->  Build of editors/ started at: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 
16:35:03 +0400
--->  Building '/usr/ports/editors/' with make 

But if I put those make flags into /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf, then I get no 
message about custom make flags, and if I look 
at /usr/ports/editors/, I see 
that my make flags are not working properly.
My pkgtools.conf part:

	'editors/' => [

portversion -l keeps silence => there is no sintax errors in pkgtools.conf

Sorry for ugly english, I'm still learning it :)

Thanks for the answers.

Andrey Melentyev
andrey.melentyev at

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