possible ifconfig / wi bug?

JoaoBR joao at matik.com.br
Thu Jun 1 16:23:08 PDT 2006

On Thursday 01 June 2006 13:09, Sam Leffler wrote:

> If I recall correctly the wi driver leaves rate control decisions to the
> firmware and has no way of knowing what the current tx rate is for each
> client.

ok, understood
since the prism cards I use are working fine this is no problem at all
could be better to display  NA or something in order not getting confused

btw seems "wicontrol -l" does not show any stations anymore and replies 
0 stations 
and -L returns
Available APs:
wicontrol: SIOCSWAVELAN: Operation not permitted


> There have been patches floating around for a while to do tx rate
> control in the driver instead (in which case this info would be
> available) but they were never committed because of reported bugs.  It
> might be time to just commit the code anyway (to HEAD) in order to force
> the bug(s) to be resolved.

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