FreeBSD 5.5 (VMware) on Fedora core 5

Michael Proto mike at
Mon Jul 31 12:37:02 UTC 2006

Jon Holstrom wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Fedroa core 5 Dual PIII 800, with VMware server.
> I am not sure if or should i install FreeBSD 5.5 stable +SMP kernel!
> I am looking at a basic web server config,
> Apache 1.3
> PHP4
> MySQL 4.1
> OSCommerce
> ProFTP
> some sort of mail server also, POP, SMTP.
> Its all for the sake of learning it and doing it as of now.
> FreeBSD is intalled as a Virutal Machine now.
> but after thinking a bit, got stuck with the SMP kernel!

Unless one of the applications to be installed in your guest needs SMP
its better to just use a uniprocessor kernel in VMware-Server. This is
what I've gathered from the VMware discussion boards anyway.

I've got 3 FreeBSD 6.1 virtual machines running happily on a P4-3.0Ghz
with hyperthreading enabled, all of them uniprocessor. None are running
the applications you provided but they are running DNS, mail (via
postfix, spamassassin, and amavisd), and HTTP (via lighttpd) services
very nicely.


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