NFS Locking Issue

Francisco Reyes lists at
Wed Jul 5 22:33:38 UTC 2006

User Freebsd writes:

> I believe, in Francisco's case, they are willing to pay someone to fix the 
> NFS issues they are having, which, i'd assume, means easy access to the 
> problematic server(s) to do proper testing in a "real life scenario" ...

Correct. As long as the person is someone "trusted in the community" we 
could do that. And yes we are willing to come to some agreement for 
compensation for the help. Needless to say our introduction of new machines 
will go through a more rigourous test in the future.. specially when jumping 
to a new Release number in FreeBSD. 

We lost 1 big customer and after today we likely will loose 2 or 3 more.. of 
the big ones.. when it's all said and done we are likely to loose several 
thousand dollars/month due to this 6.X incidents.

We are fairly new to NFS and that's why we were hoping to get someone to 
help us.. or at least point us in the right direction.

I plan to go over the link you sent me and try to prepare at least one 

As for paying someone, yes we have been actively looking for someone to help 
us since we are relatively new to NFS.. and much more newer to 
troubleshooting this type of prolbems

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