NFS Locking Issue

Michel Talon talon at
Wed Jul 5 20:08:52 UTC 2006

> with the bge driver ... could we be possibly talking internet vs nfs 
> issues?

Pursuing invetigations, i have discovered that for people having 
workstations whose home directories are on a NFS server, and who run 
Gnome or KDE, there is a program which has horrible NFS behavior,
it is gam_server from gamin, which detects alterations on your .kde
for example. On my machine running nfsstat -c -w 1 i see 4000 requests/s
due to that. If i displace it (*) and kill it, this drops to 80 requests/s
and KDE works exactly as well, including discovering new files.
I think it is not necessary to comment on the performance penalty if a number
of stations send 4000r/s to a server, it will soon be killed.
(*) it restarts itself automatically so it is necessary to displace or rename
it before killing.


Michel TALON

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