Problems with PCI SATA Controller

Peter Hoskin peterh at
Fri Jan 20 22:17:57 PST 2006

Mark Kirkwood wrote:
> Unfortunately the sii 3112 is a bit of a horror....numerous people 
> have experienced issues with it (web search on "sii 3112 data 
> corruption" makes quite interesting reading).
> I seem to recall a posting suggesting that some success might be had 
> with just 1 SATA channel (i.e 1 disk) attached, however I can't find 
> it offhand.
> Cheers
> Mark

I guess I'll be taking the card back and getting some PATA -> SATA adaptors.

I need two drives as I wish to do a mirrored RAID, which with this card 
seems to be out of the question.

Peter Hoskin

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