postgresql doesn't start on boot-up

Ken Stevenson ken at
Sat Jan 14 10:37:33 PST 2006

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 09:41:44PM -0800, Doug Barton wrote:
> Ken Stevenson wrote:
> >I'm new to FreeBSD and for the first time ever, I cvsupp'ed  
> >to freebsd-stable 6 and rebuilt everthing, following the instructions 
> >in the handbook. It went pretty smoothly except that several services 
> >failed to start and others acted badly.
> >
> >In particular:
> >
> >Initially, postfix, cups and postgresql failed to start.
> This sounds like you don't have the most recent versions of these ports 
> installed, as all of them have had fixes for these problems. It's also 
> possible that you have stale files in /usr/local/etc/rc.d that are not 
> related to ports that you have installed. For example, a lot of users have 
> at some time in the past copied to, which prevents 
> updates to the script from being seen. For old style scripts it's safer to 
> symlink the file to, fyi.
You were right. I upgraded postfix, cups, apache2 and postgresql and
everything started normally.

> >named started too late, so ntpd couldn't resolve the timeserver names
> >and couldn't set the time. 
> This is a more interesting problem. On all of my test systems, named is the 
> first to run after SERVERS, followed immediately by ntpdate and ntpd. There 
> is an argument to be made that it would actually be better to run ntp* 
> first, using IP addresses in its config files, and then run named, since if 
> you're running a name server for profit (as opposed to fun) accurate 
> timestamps on the logs are very valuable to diagnose startup problems. 
> OTOH, it's reasonable to assume for the general case that the current 
> default order is good, so I have no objection to adding named to the 
> REQUIRE: line in ntpdate. Ken, can you give this a try and let us know how 
> it works for you? I'll hold off on making this change till others have a 
> chance to comment.
> >I solved this per the suggestion in a prior 
> >post by setting:
> >
> >early_late_divider="NETWORKING" in rc.conf.

After getting the most recent ports, I removed the early_late_divider
line from rc.conf and the ntpdate problem went away. dmesg -a looks
perfectly normal now.

Thanks for your help. Everything's working normally now.

Ken Stevenson
Allen-Myland Inc.

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