ifconfig hidessid not hiding SSID on 802.11b with PRISM 2.5 based card

Patrick Tracanelli eksffa at freebsdbrasil.com.br
Tue Jan 10 06:02:32 PST 2006

I have set hidessid option to an Intersil PRISM 2.5 based cart, acting 
as hostap, and the ssid stills gets broadcasted, aparently. Other 
FreeBSD systems and the Windows software supplied by the vendor can find 
the SSID while scanning.

I would like to know if hidessid should hide it in ordinary scans like 
those ones, and how to test it better to see if ssid stills broadcasted 
in the beacons, if it is possible (say, any debug option or tool).


Patrick Tracanelli

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