keyboard failing on Dell laptop with 6.0-Stable this week.

Paul T. Root ptroot at
Thu Jan 5 06:46:00 PST 2006

I have an old Dell Inspiron 5000 (800MHz, 512M RAM),
that I've been running 6.0 since it was released.

It was running great with -Stable cvsupped around
Dec 18th or so. Tuesday, I saw that a problem with
NFS locking was fixed, and I was having an nfs/amd
problem on a desktop Vectra, so I cvsupped both machines
and did a buildworld, etc.

The Vectra had no problem. I'm not sure if the NFS issue
is solved, I haven't had opportunity to be on that machine
this week.

Anyway, after coming up in full user mode, the keyboard is
locked up on the Dell. I searched the archives and it seems
that 5.4-S has some problems in this regard and that devd is
the culprit.

I commented out the 8-10 lines in devd.conf that have ukbd0
in them. But that didn't help at all. I tried turning off
devd, big mistake, the network didn't come up then. Makes
sense. I tried coming up without DBUS, as that was the last
thing I'd done before the holiday's on the machine. No help.

I have a usb keyboard at home, but this machine is at work,
and I forgot it over night. Anybody have any other ideas.

Oh, I had a custom kernel, also tried the GENERIC kernel
and the old kernel. I re-cvsupped on Wednesday and built


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