nfs woes in FreeBSD 6.0

Albert Shih shih at
Mon Feb 27 15:56:50 PST 2006

 Le 27/02/2006 à 10:18:07-0500, Mike Tancsa a écrit
> At 09:49 AM 27/02/2006, Danny Butroyd wrote:
> >I have tried both tcp and udp mounts and have the same issues, the
> >version of nfs is v3 (the default I believe).
> >
> >Is it possible to implement any of the NFS changes/tweaks on my current
> >version?
> Not really as there are many changes behind the scenes that impact 
> it. Its not just the nfsd binary that has changed.  There are a lot 
> of kernel stuff in support of it that has changed.
> BTW, if you are using tcp mounts, and you have devices not on the 
> same subnet,  setting
> net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable=0
> helps with performance.  However, this is a separate issue to the 
> problems you are seeing.

Is there any documentation to explain a newbie like me all (I mean really
all of them) sysctl variable ?

For example what 


change ? What's purpose of this variable ?

Lots of thanks.


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