Søren!!!, Promise FastTrak TX2300 semphore timeouts, 6.1-BETA2

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 07:16:00 PST 2006

I'm getting "ad(x): req=0xc(foobar) setfeatures set transfer mode
semphore timeout !! Danger Will Robinson !! after I installed BETA2 on
my server (Intel SE7210TP-E). I get the messages a few minutes after
the systems booted up, and then it deadlocks.

I had to go to great length just to get BETA2 installed... If I tried
to install FreeBSD on ar0 sysinstall would just hang... I had to set
the two drives up (Seagate 80GB SATA w/NCQ) in JOBD mode, install
FreeBSD on ad4, reboot, edit /etc/fstab to point to ar0, and then set
the RAID up in the BIOS.

I had this server working just fine with the ata-mk3n patch set in
5.4, though I did see this error once before when I ran:
"nice -20 make -j2 buildworld > /usr/data/buildworld.log&". /usr/data
points to da0e, the highpoint RAID5 array (8 300GB Maxtor maxline III
The other ata/disk problems I noticed with BETA2 is that FreeBSD
probes and sets up my HighPoint RocketRAID 2220 as ata3, ata4, ata5,
ata6, ata7, ata8, ata9, and ata10... FreeBSD shouldn't even touch
it... as the card needs highpoints drivers for it to work correctly,
when the drivers are install it will show up as a da device. I haven't
had a chance to install the drivers yet, so I just removed the card.
When I ran setup in verbose mode FreeBSD seemed to mix the promise
card and this card together as one device... I wasn't paying close
attention though.

I also tried using the onboard Adaptec HostRAID but it shows up in
FreeBSD as ata20 and ata22 when I have the highpoint card is
installed, wtf! :-)

I saw your thread from the current mailling list that you might have
already fixed this, but I'm not sure if you MFC'd it in time for
BETA2, maybe I will try and reinstall FreeBSD in JOBD mode again and
then cvsup all the new src and rebuild world?
I could really use some help, This server has to be back online by 9am
monday morning... If I can't get 6.x working I'll have to wait until
this time next year to try again.... and thats no fun.

Thanks... I'm going to bed now.

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