Problems compiling latest cvs

Dimitry Andric dimitry at
Wed Feb 22 05:48:55 PST 2006

Kevin Lamothe wrote:
> In file included from
> /usr/src/gnu/lib/libstdc++/../../../contrib/libstdc++/libsupc++/
> /usr/src/gnu/lib/libstdc++/../../../contrib/libstdc++/libsupc++/unwind-cxx.h:41:20:
> unwind.h: No such file or directory
> The contents of my make.conf
> CFLAGS=-O2 -pipe
> CXXFLAGS=-O2 -pipe

Don't assign to CXXFLAGS with "=", as /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf
tells you:

# CXXFLAGS controls the compiler settings used when compiling C++ code.
# Note that CXXFLAGS is initially set to the value of CFLAGS.  If you wish
# to add to CXXFLAGS value, "+=" must be used rather than "=".  Using "="
# alone will remove the often needed contents of CFLAGS from CXXFLAGS.

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