IBM LS20 and a 6.1-BETA1 install

Damian Gerow freebsd-stable at
Mon Feb 20 00:44:33 PST 2006

Thus spake Antony Mawer (fbsd-stable at [20/02/06 03:23]:
: This may be something you have already tried, but I mention it just in 
: case you have not -- can you boot if you select the "Boot FreeBSD with 
: USB keyboard" item from the menu? Or does it not appear (reading the 
: beastie.4th, it appears to be i386 only, so if you're using an x86-64 
: release then you may not see it)?

Yes, it does appear (perhaps amd64 is considered a derivative of i386?), but
no, it does nothing for me: I'd previously tried booting with
hint.atkbd.0.flags=0x1, but the keyboard still doesn't work.  ACPI works
flawlessly on the system, though!

FWIW, I've managed to get Linux installed on the blade in question (though
somewhat problematically), and OpenBSD went on without a hitch.

  - Damian

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