clock reverts to epoch on boot?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Feb 13 19:25:27 PST 2006

Vinny Abello wrote:
[ ... ]
> Nevermind. I just answered my own question. I should have RTFM more
> carefully. :)


> If CPUTYPE is defined in your /etc/make.conf, make sure to use the
>         "?=" instead of the "=" assignment operator, so that buildworld can
>         override the CPUTYPE if it needs to.
> I am thinking if I change to
> CPUTYPE?=pentium4
> I will be ok. Does that sound correct or am I still barking up the wrong
> tree?

If you weren't having any problems, feel free to experiment.  Since you don't
gain much by using the machine-specific compiler optimizations for the kernel,
it is worth turning them off to see whether the resulting kernel still has the
same problem...


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