frequent freeze on 6.0-STABLE at startup when loading iwi firmware

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Thu Feb 2 00:58:02 PST 2006

yesterday upgraded my laptop (Dell X1 with iwi wireless card)
running 6.0 to a fresh version of stable and the newest iwi-firmware,
and since then it frequently hangs at boot time right after
loading the iwi firmware - in fact, it booted ok only 2 times out
of the last 10.

The last msg i see on the console is

	Starting iwi [iwi0:bss]

and then i have to reset the machine.

With the previous firmware it never hung, but i don;t know
if it is the microcode or the loading mechanism that has changed.

The workaround i have found is to disable iwi in /etc/rc.conf
and then start it later, manually.
Obviously, this is suboptimal. I am not sure what to look at,
a race somewhere that could be fixed adding some 'sleep'
before or after loading the microcode ? something else ?

if that matters, there is an access point active where i boot,
and the config command tell the card the parameters to
associate with it.


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