tcp/udp performance

Claus Guttesen kometen at
Wed Aug 30 10:53:27 UTC 2006

> test 1: writing to a NetApp filer via NFS/UDP
>            FreeBSD              Linux
>                       MegaBytes/sec
>         1- Average: 18.48       32.61
>         2- Average: 15.69       35.72
>         3- Average: 16.61       29.69
> (interstingly, doing NFS/TCP instead of NFS/UDP shows an increase in speed of
> around 60% on FreeBSD but none on Linux)

I've always used tcp when doing nfs between my (former) FreeBSD 5.3
fileserver and my FreeBSD 6.x webservers. I increased the read- and
write-packetsize to 32768 and achieved the best performance using this
packetsize and tcp.

Using udp sometimes gave me the "server not responding", but never
appeared using tcp. So stick to tcp.


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