New Intel boards (was: Re: ATA problems again ... general problem of ICH7 or ATA?)

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Mon Aug 21 07:25:00 UTC 2006


Am 21.08.2006 um 09:10 schrieb Patrick M. Hausen:

> Hi, all!
> On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 04:03:47AM +0200, Konstantin Saurbier wrote:
>> This errors are not driver or OS dependent such as they appear on
>> FreeBSD as well on different Linux distros.
>> Since not all controllers suffering of these errors it is maybe
>> depending on the firmware or board/chip revisions.
> We have two brand new TYAN B5161G20SH4 systems that feature
> ICH7 controllers and SATA-hotplug-bays. One system is equipped
> with two Seagate ST3160811AS drives, the other one with
> WD1600YS-01SHB0 drives.
> Both are configured with gmirror for slice 1.
> No problems at all after several days of "make -j4 buildworld".
> OTOH I can confirm that I got random "watchdog timeouts"
> with the em driver. debug.mpsafenet=0 fixed the problem
> for now.

Sorry my post was way too unspecific.
My response was only for Greg Byshenk and his 3ware related problem.  
They tend to loose drives oder mark drives as broken which are not  
broken at all.

So his problems with 3ware are not related to this thread of ATA/ICH  


Best regards,

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