ATA problems again ... general problem of ICH7 or ATA?

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Mon Aug 21 02:03:57 UTC 2006

Am 20.08.2006 um 18:20 schrieb Greg Byshenk:

> On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 01:38:55PM +0100, Matt Dawson wrote:
>> On Sunday 20 August 2006 13:00, freebsd-stable-request at  
>> wrote:
>>> Do you mean different type of cables, or just another piece? I can't
>>> change cables by myself, servers are dedicated from provider, but  
>>> as I
>>> can saw, they picked whole new machine from their HW storage and  
>>> put new
>>> Samsung disk drives in. So these two last machines are brand new  
>>> with
>>> new cables. (Probably with a same type of cables - all machines  
>>> are ASUS
>>> RS120)
>> I can confirm the same behaviour with a ULi M1689/Newcastle  
>> Athlon64 based
>> system running 6.1-RELEASE-p3 (i386). ad6 just detaches without  
>> warning and
>> it takes a reboot to bring it back. atacontrol reinit has no  
>> effect. Tried
>> the following to resolve the problems:
>> - Changed cables (both ad4 and ad6)
>> - Changed SATA power to legacy
>> - Moved the NIC and anything else from the shared PCI INT (thought  
>> I'd cracked
>> it at this point as it was stable for a month, then it lost ad6 on  
>> a nightly
>> dump)
>> - Remade my gmirror array as an ar. Put it straight back to  
>> gmirror again when
>> I found out what a pain it is to rebuild after ad6 disappears.
> I am not sure if it is related, but...  I experienced a similar  
> sort of
> problem, although the details in my case are quite different.
> What was similar was that I would "lose" two ATA drives from an array,
> inexplicably.  Reconfiguring the same drives and rebuilding would  
> cause
> them to work perfectly again -- for some number of days, after which
> the same failure would occur.
> What is different is that this was with a 3Ware RAID controller --
> which made removing/raconfiguring/rebuilding much easier -- but I was
> seeing the exact same errors.

No your errors are not related. As of my experience (and the  
experience of others) the controller forgetting or loosing drives is  
a "feature" 3ware.
We had similar problems with 3ware-7500-8 ATA controllers and i was  
reported of the same errors with 3ware-9000 series. Our in-house  
3ware-9500S are not showing this kind of errors.

This errors are not driver or OS dependent such as they appear on  
FreeBSD as well on different Linux distros.
Since not all controllers suffering of these errors it is maybe  
depending on the firmware or board/chip revisions.


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